Type of Incomes
Direct Income
Level Income
Club Inocme
Level Matrix Income
Global Matrix Income
Upgrade Income
Smart Level Income
Single Leg Income
Business Package
600000 BTT
1200000 BTT
2500000 BTT
5000000 BTT
7500000 BTT
10000000 BTT
15000000 BTT
20000000 BTT
Terms & Conditions
Free Registration & Topup By Fund.
Minimum withdrawal 5000000 BTT.
Withdraw charge 10%.
2 Direct mandatory for withdrawal Matrix income.
Club income closing on 10th of Every Month.
Activate id automatically enters into Pool-1.
All the userare eligible for Club income once they upgrade with 1200000 BTT package.
Reinvest opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from auto pool.
Automatically and Manually upgrade available.